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Equine Bodywork - Masterson Method Certified Practitioner

The Masterson Method® is an integrated method of bodywork, where the practitioner follows the responses of the horse to help them release tension.  MMCPs (Masterson Method Certified Practitioners) go through a rigorous series of in-person seminars, online courses, three blocks of Fieldwork studies and a Certification Course (over 425 hours) to get certified.  I received my certification with Jim Masterson in July 2021.

But, what we do is work with horses and owners to help the horse release tension. In releasing tension, they gain greater range of motion and can perform better.  When they realize we are listening, we discover a deeper bond and a more fulfilling relationship.  A win-win situation!



Increased Range of Motion? 

I'd say so!



Mid-yawn - I'm not sure he wanted to give that one up - but he couldn't help himself!



It was a cold, nasty, wet day - but Rhyme didn't care.  She was feeling good!

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